Short-Term Investment Options in India

A Roadmap to Rapid Financial Growth

Savings account: a secure option for short-term investment. Earn interest on your funds while maintaining easy access and liquidity.


Savings Account

Arbitrage mutual funds: seize short-term opportunities, capitalize on price differentials, and aim for attractive returns.


Mutual Funds for Arbitrage

Recurring deposits: a disciplined approach for short-term investing, where regular contributions grow steadily over time, ensuring financial stability.


Recurring Deposits

Corporate deposits: lucrative short-term investment option with fixed returns, offering stability and attractive interest rates from trusted corporations.


Corporate Deposits

Treasury securities: government-backed investments offering low-risk, stable returns, ideal for preserving capital and securing long-term financial goals.


Treasury Securities

Peer-to-peer lending: diversify your portfolio with short-term loans, earning potential high returns by directly lending to individuals or businesses.


Peer-to-Peer Lending

Bank fixed deposits: low-risk, fixed returns for short-term investments, providing stability and peace of mind to grow your savings.


Bank Fixed Deposits

National Savings Certificate: government-backed investment, ensures safety and attractive returns over a fixed term, ideal for short-term financial goals.


National Savings Certificate

Post Office Time Deposits: secure short-term investment option with guaranteed returns, offered by the post office, ensuring peace of mind.


Post Office Time Deposits

Liquidbees ETF: flexible short-term investment with high liquidity, tracking benchmark index, ideal for quick access and potential returns.


Liquidbees ETF