tax saving fixed deposit

Everything You Need to Know About Tax Saving Fixed Deposit

Various types of fixed deposit accounts cater to the needs of individuals and entities seeking to save funds for the future. While conventional FD accounts offer flexibility in choosing the account tenure, certain banks provide a specialised five-year FD scheme tailored for tax savings.

casa in banking

What is CASA in Banking

There are two main types of accounts that banks offer. Term deposits, such as fixed or recurring deposits, or non-term deposits, such as current or savings accounts, could be used. Let’s learn about CASA in detail.


Know the Benefits of Investing in Flexi Fixed Deposit

Are you seeking a secure and flexible method to increase your savings? Look no further. This blog post has precisely what you are looking for – Flexible fixed deposits! As banking systems have changed, new products such as the flexi FDs have arisen, offering investors even more possibilities.