What is a Term Deposit?

Having a bank account is pretty essential for saving money. You can toss in some cash and take it out whenever you want, helping your

How Much Emergency Fund Should I Have?

How Much Emergency Fund Should I Have?

Emergencies are like unexpected guests – they show up uninvited and can mess with more than just your health. If your wallet isn’t ready for them, it could mean kissing your life savings goodbye. That’s where having an emergency fund swoops in to save the day. Let’s figure out how much emergency fund you should have for a rainy day.

Objectives of Investment

Beyond Returns: Exploring What are the Objectives of Investment Strategies

Investment is basically about putting your money or resources into things like assets or activities, expecting to make some cash, profits, or see an increase in value over time. It’s like tossing your funds into a project with the hope of getting back something in return or hitting certain money goals.

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