Save for Your Goals
with Recurring Deposits

Recurring Deposits (RD) are a great tool to save small amounts regularly towards a larger goal.

For example, you have a Freo Save RD & want to buy a new phone that costs ₹50,000 in Jan 2024.

You will need to just save ₹4,000 every month starting Jan 2024 to get ₹50,000 in Jan 2025.

Goal Based RD Calculator

Use this Goals calculator to see how much you need
to save to achieve some common goals:
Save for your iPhone


Save for your Goa-trip

1-week Goa trip

Save for your Bike

New Bike

Save for your Sofa

New Sofa/Bed

Set your own goal

Custom Goal

You want to achieve your goal in months

Are you a Senior Citizen?

You should save
/ month
to achieve your goal

Recurring Deposit Interest Calculator

Use the Recurring Deposit calculator below to calculate your returns in a Freo Save RD.
You can also compare it with any other bank’s returns.

Monthly Investment


Interest rate


Are you a Senior Citizen?

Maturity Amount

Maturity Amount

 Total Investment

 Total Interest on
  Freo Save RD

Learn more about Freo Save RD returns here:
The values generated by the calculator are indicative. For accurate figures on returns, please use the Freo Save app.