Freosave is all about you!

Dear customer,
We are putting the Freo Save waiting period to rest.
What’s in front of you is a product of our imagination–built together to help you make the most out of your money.
Like all good things, Freo Save didn’t happen overnight.
We have had our share of naysayers and believers.
But YOU kept us pushing to go onwards and upwards.
And here we are with a brand new banking experience – Freo Save will free and empower you to not just save better but also grow.
The interest rates of saving accounts have a reputation of being modest, at best. If you look around you, you’ll see that most savings account interest rates range between 3 to 5 percent annually. Plus, most traditional savings accounts ask you to follow a few rules like maintaining a minimum balance.
But why go for a savings account that only demands more from you and does not give you more?

With Freo Savings, we have made a savings account that will help you get almost double the interest you get from other banks, and also help you achieve every single goal of yours.

Apart from zero balance and an interest rate of up to 7%, Freo Save offers seamless integration with UPI to make funds transfer and bill payments easier.
Our features are designed to provide you the freedom to save towards your aspirations.

Get rewarded for saving money

We understand the importance of savings.
We also understand that you work hard so that you can chase your dreams without restrictions. That’s why it’s time to move past traditional savings accounts and give your money the boost it deserves.

With Freo Save’s goal-oriented savings, you need not worry about whether you can afford your next purchase. Instead, you’ll be able to save money with a goal in mind and get up to 12%* on your savings.

But it doesn’t end here.

Convenience is virtual

Plastic money is no more the new kid on the block. Make way for the Freo Save virtual debit card that is more convenient than regular credit/debit cards.
YOU can use this card to make online payments easily and secure your card using only the app.

Less is more

The Freo Save app isn’t only about design. We wanted to improve the visual language of the product by keeping it simple.
We don’t want our users to be lost and spend more time than expected.
Our design team conducted countless experiments on how the design would behave on many screen sizes and removed unwanted functionalities. Finally, embracing a minimalist design to create a highly engaging mobile app.
With Freo Save, YOU remain in control and experience a digital-first banking experience that helps you get a whole lot more out of your money.
That’s why with Freo Save, you don’t just save, you grow.

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